Do you carry out warranty repairs?

Yes, we carry out warranty repair services for all the major mobile device manufacturers.

Do you support Apple iPhone warranty claims?

Yes, if your iPhone meets warranty requirements, we can process it under Apple warranty terms, please note Find my iPhone must be removed prior to sending us the device. Instructions on how to do this can be found here. Our same unit repair service for out of warranty repairs, online and in our instore repair locations, are not Apple approved, premium high quality parts are used.

How do I know if my device is in warranty?

Simply check if your device is in warranty here.

Do you use Manufacturer supplied parts?

Yes, for most of our repairs we only use manufacturer supplied parts – Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Nokia etc. Where we cannot source parts directly from a manufacturer, we will use premium quality sourced parts from tried and tested suppliers.

Will my data be lost during the repair?

Yes, we take your personal data seriously, and following GDPR guidelines, we data wipe every repair we receive. Please see instructions on how to back up & restore your device here. Note: If your device has no power your data has more than likely been lost but if you have your auto back up activated you will be able to restore your device once repaired.

Are you accredited by Google?

*About our Google authorised repairs: Our accreditation to repair Google devices under warranty is a service offering on behalf of Vodafone Ireland ltd., we can only offer warranty repair for devices bought from Vodafone Ireland. We can repair all other devices out of warranty, please note that once we have completed an out of warranty repair for physical damage to your device any remaining manufacturer warranty will be renewed but if your device was not bought from Vodafone Ireland Fónfix will not be able to process any further warranty repairs, it must be returned to the place of purchase. If your device is out of warranty by date at the time of your repair, you will receive 12 months warranty only on the part replaced or any faults associated with the part.


Repair Services...

Same day repair (Dublin City)

If booked before 11am your device will be repaired and returned same day. (Mon-Fri)

Next day collection (Nationwide)

Normally 48 hours from point of collection (Mon-Fri)

Retail walk-in service | 3 hours

Walk-in service (6 x locations) - Normally 3 hours (Mon-Sat)

Postal Service | Nationwide

Normally 48 hours from point of receipt by Fónfix (Mon-Fri)

What should I do before send my phone for repair?

Your data will be lost during the repair so we advise all customers to back up their devices, instructions to do so are here. 

How do I package my phone for return?

If using our walk-in service, you do not need to package the device. If you are posting or using one of our collection services, please follow these instructions:

  • Place the fault device in appropriate packaging, such as, a small carboard box or a bubble wrap padded envelope.
  • Print your order confirmation and include it with the device.

If you don’t not have access to a printer, please write your order number, IMEI (instructions on where to find your IMEI can be found here), full name & address and contact details (email or phone) on a piece of paper and include with the device.

What are our warranty terms?

We offer 12 months warranty on the parts replaced for all out of warranty repairs. However, with some manufacturers if your device is still within the warranty time period once we repair it your warranty is re-instated i.e. Fónfix repairs do not void your warranty.

Will my IP waterproof rating be lost?

No, as the majority of our repairs are manufacturer approved your IP rating will be renewed after the repair process.

How does the walk-in service work?

This requires no pre-payment or appointment, just bring your broken device to any of our walk-in locations located here 


Service Options:

  • Same day repair (Dublin City Only) - After booking a repair on our website before 11am, your order will create a carrier collection of your device. Our carrier partner will call to your address, collect your device and bring it to one of our repair locations. Once your device is repaired, our carrier will return your device to you. Repairs booked after 11am might not be repaired and returned the same day. (Mon-Fri)
  • Nationwide collection or drop off service - After booking a repair on our website, a member of our customer care team will contact you to arrange your drop off label to use one of 1200 An Post drop off locations or collection of your device at a location of choice. Once your device is repaired, our carrier will return your device to you. This process normally takes 48 hours from point of collection (Mon-Fri)
  • Walk-in service (6 x locations) - You simply bring your device to one of our 6 walk-in repair centres in Dublin, Galway & Cork. Your device will be assessed and if our-of-warranty, you will be quoted a repair price. The walk-in repair service normally takes 3 hours. (Mon-Sat) You can now pre-book your appointment online here.
  • Postal service (Nationwide) - You simply fill out the return sheet on our website, print it and return it to Fónfix along with your device. After receipt at Fónfix, your device will be assessed, and if found to be out-of-warranty, you will receive a notification containing a repair quotation. If you accept the quotation the device will be repaired and returned to you.

What are your carrier charges?

The same day collection service in available in Dublin 1 to 24 and the associated carrier charge is €15 return. Our Next day collection service is available nationwide and the associated carrier charge is €10 return.

Does the cost cover collection and delivery?

Yes, the service cost covers both collection of the device and return delivery to you.

Can I drop my device into you?

Yes, we have six walk in repair centres located here. 

Can I post my device to you?

Yes, you can complete the repair form hereand post your phone to us but please note this service has a longer repair turnaround time.


Can I return by device to the network store I purchased it in?

Yes, you can return your device to any Irish network store and they will log your repair and return it to us.


Who do I contact if there is an issue with my repair?

We have customer care team available for any issues that arise with our services, they can be contacted by emailing 

Do you have a privacy statement?

Yes, it can be viewed here 

What are your terms of service?

They can be viewed here 


Do I get a refund if my device is not repairable?

Yes, if you send us your device for repair and we can’t repair it, it will be returned to you and a full refund given.

If I cancel my order or decide not to return my device for repair after payment on the website, do I get a refund?

Yes, if you contact our customer care team at they will be in touch and will arrange your refund.  

Can I get a VAT Invoice?

Yes, you will receive a receipt from our website with a VAT break down, our VAT number is IE8267717J.


Please note that cosmetically damaged devices cannot be repaired under the manufacturer warranty.